How To Fix Gutters That Are Falling Off A Home

The most common gutters to fall off a house are gutters held up by spike and ferrules. If you are experiencing gutters falling of your home there is a simple solution to fix the issues. Installing modern hidden hangers in-between your spike and ferrules can buy you a couple of years before needing to replace your rain gutters.

What Are Spike & Ferrules?

In the simplest form, a spike and ferrule is a nail that fastens gutters to a building. You will not find many new buildings with these hangers installed. Gutters with spike and ferrules are typically 18+ years old. Modern seamless gutters are almost always installed with upgraded hidden hangers fastened by zip screws.

The Problems With Spike & Ferrules

Spike a ferrules are nails and tend to pull away from the fascia of the building due to the weight of the gutters. As these nails pull away from the house they need to be hammered back into place. Over time the holes that the nail is placed inside of widens. The spikes will stop holding and the gutter will fall of the building.

Upgrading To Hidden Hangers

Hidden hangers are modern seamless gutter fasteners. The hidden hangers have multiple perks such as easier to install, longer life expectancy, and unseen from the outside of the gutter. These gutter hangers rely on threaded screws that fasten the gutter to the home longer and more firmly.

The best part about hidden hangers is their ease of installation. The tools you need to install hidden hangers include hidden hangers, some zip screws, and an impact driver.

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