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General Questions 

Are you fully insured?

Yes! We are fully insured.

At Chappell Gutter, our priority is keeping our workers safe and our customers happy. For us, that means holding quality insurance policies that protect both workers and property owners in the case of an accident.

We hold a biBerk workman’s compensation policy that protects our workers in case of injury. We also hold a Next Insurance general liability policy that covers you as a homeowner in the case of damages to your property while on the job.


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept both in-person cash, checks, and debit/credit card payments as well as online credit/debit card payments.

Who will service me?

After scheduling, you will receive a text and email including your appointment details. In the message, it will include information to your gutter cleaning team’s lead technician. 

Is Chappel Gutter local?

Chappell Gutter is local to Rogers, Arkansas, and serving the entire Northwest Arkansas community.

Do I need to be home during service?

It’s not required that you be home during our services BUT it is nice to speak with homeowners before and after service either on the service date or at a more convenient time. 

What areas do you service?

Our primary business focus is in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, and Bella Vista but we service the entire NWA community. 

Gutter Cleaning

Can you clean a second or third story home?

Yes! We clean gutters one, two, and three levels in the air on a daily basis and we would be happy to clean yours.

Do you work from a ladder or the roof?

We work from both ladders and from the roof depending on the home and project. 

Do you have to remove every gutter guard?

If you have clogged gutters and have gutter guards installed chances are they are really clogged up with small and compact debris.

If you need your gutters cleaned in the winter we will most likely have to do a partial or full removal and reinstall of your gutter guards.

If you need your gutters cleaned in the summer we can do a gutter flush. Gutter flushes do not require us to remove gutter guards.

How long does gutter cleaning take?

Depending on how big of a gutter cleaning project you have, gutter cleaning can take between 45 minutes for a small building to up to 5 hours for a large building.

Do you do after service cleanup?

Yes! We do offer after-service clean up.

Do you take gutter debris off sight?

We can remove gutter debris off sight. We charge $6 per bag for this service.

Can you tell us if we have any maintenance issues on our guttering, roof, chimney, ect?

Every time we visit your home to clean your rain gutters we do a thorough examination of your gutter system and recommend maintenance & repairs as needed.

If we find other issues such as roof & brick damage on your roof we will let you know. 

Maintenance & Repairs

Can you seal leaks in my gutters?

Yes! We offer both spot gutter resealing & full system flush and resealing. Both of these sealing services help prolong your rain gutter’s life expectancy as well protect your facia, siding, foundation, and ground cover from damages.

Can you reinstall my downspout?

Downspouts breaking away from your house and rain gutters are common after time and large storms. We can reinstall your downspouts if they come off as well as replace new downspouts as needed. 

Can you reattach my gutters to my home/building?

Yes! if you are having issues with your rain gutters coming away from your facia we can tighten them back to the building. Common fixes include screwing or nailing your current fasteners back into your home or replacing your old fasteners with new and updated ones.

Can you prevent water from overflowing my gutters?

Water overflowing the rain gutters is a common issue that could be caused by multiple reasons. Common reasons include gutter clogs, missing splash guards, and improperly sloped rain gutters. All of these issues are fixible. 

Exterior Drain Cleaning

What types of drains do you clean?

Your exterior drain cleaning services include cleaning underground downspouts, driveway channel drains, pool channel drains, and residential french drains.

How often should I have my underground downspouts jetted?

If your gutters do not have gutter guards installed we recommend flushing your underground downspouts once every 5 years.

If your home has gutter guards we recommend flushing your underground downspouts every 10 years.

Why do underground downspouts need cleaned?

Lots of debris like leaves, sticks, and even shingle grains and tar washes down your downspouts and into your underground downspouts. In many cases, this debris gets caught in the underground drain and can cause a major clog over time. Major clogs are very hard to unclog and in many cases result in the need for a total underground pipe replacement. 

How do you clean underground downspouts & french drains?

We use a method called “Jetting” to clear drains of debris. Its a method of shooting high-pressure water through the drain to break up buildup and flush the system.

Gutter Guard Install

Will gutter guards help against pine needles?

We do not recommend installing gutter guards on gutters near pine trees.

Though gutter guards will stop a large number of pine needles from entering your rain gutters they will not stop every pine needle. After just one season you can find a large buildup of pine needles on top of your gutter guards and even inside your gutters building on top of your downspouts.

When it comes to cleaning gutters with gutter guards and pine needles every gutter guard will need to be removed. The cost of removing and reinstalling gutter guards becomes much more expensive than having your gutters cleaned on a regular basis.

Why style of gutter guards do you recommend?

We recommend a powder-coated self-locking aluminum gutter guard made by Armor Lock. 

These gutter guards are extremely durable, reduce gutter buildup, and make it easy to problem solve and flush every 5 – 10 years.

What's the difference in different kinds of gutter guards?

No gutter guard is perfect. That’s why when you do a search for gutter guards online you get a large number of gutter guards all with different styles. 

At the end of the day, all gutter guards are about the same. They all keep large amounts of debris out of your gutters but none are a perfect fix.

The way we choose gutter guards is by looking at what will be the most bang for your buck over time.

Will my gutters still need cleaned after installing gutter guards?

Yes, but less frequently. 

The biggest misconception about gutter guards is that you will never have to clean your gutters after they are installed. Gutter guards will allow in small bits of debris that compacts over time. We recommend a gutter flush every 5 – 10 years for gutters with gutter guards.

How do you clean gutters with gutter guards?

When it comes to cleaning gutters with gutter guards there are two methods that can be used. 

  1. Remove every guard, scoop the debris, then reinstall your gutter guards
  2. Flush your gutters with a jetter without the need to remove every guard

Option 2 is preferred as it’s more cost-effective and does a better job. The downside is that jetting your gutters can only be performed in the summer.

How often do gutters with gutter guards need to be cleaned?

After you get your gutter guards installed we recommend having your gutters flushed every 5-10 years.

Gutter Whitening 

How do you whiten the outsides of gutters?

To whiten the exterior of your rain gutters we simply pressure wash them. 

What does gutter whitening do?

Whitening your rain gutters removes buildup & discoloration from the visible areas of your rain gutters & facia board. 

Will gutter whitening remove rust spots?

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