Downspout Strap Repair Kit Guide

donwspout strap kit

Downspout Strap Repair Kit

A one-size-fits-all package to assist homeowners in refastening a downspout with missing or damaged downspout straps.

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How To Refasten A Downspout To A House

The Downspout Strap Repair Kit is intended to be a one-size-fits-all package to assist homeowners in refastening a downspout with missing or damaged downspout straps.

Upon unboxing your kit you will notice that you received two straps. Please note that it is not required to replace both straps throughout this process though it is optional.

Please read through all instructions carefully as well as watch our installation guide videos.

Tools You’ll Need (Not Included)

We have included the most essential bits of hardware to assist with this project. There are still a few tools and hardware you may need depending on your unique situation.

  • Power drill or ¼” hex impact driver (REQUIRED)
  • Tape measure (OPTIONAL)
  • ⅛” drill bit (SOME INSTANCES)

    Hardware (Included)

    • Color-specific 1”x15” downspout straps (x2)
    • ¼” hex masonry drill bit (x1)
    • ¼” hex chuck driver (x1)
    • ½” color-specific zip screws (x5)
    • 1 ½” zinc zip screws (x3)
    • ¼” wall anchors (x3)

    Broken Strap Removal & Preparation

    Remove the old strap or straps from the downspout. 

    Many installers use different methods to install their downspouts. You may need to use different bits than the ones provided in the Downspout Strap Replacement Kit.

    Removing Rivets

    To remove straps on downspouts where rivets were used as the primary fastener: With a ⅛” drill bit, drill directly through the center of the rivets. 

    Remove protruding fasteners left behind from old fasteners (if any)

    In some cases, screws may remain in the from the previously installed straps. Any fastener or strap remaining that protrudes more than an ⅛” from the brick line should be removed.

    Installation Of The Top Strap

    1. Workflow

    For the best workflow, downspouts should always be installed from the top down. 

    Assuming your return arm or top downspout elbow pieces are already connected to the gutter. You are ready to install your top downspout strap.

    Note: If your top strap is still secured and your bottom strap as come loose, you can skip this section.

    2. Strap Location

    Top straps should be placed as high up on the downspout vertical access as possible. Placing the top strap 2”- 8” from the top connecting piece is ideal.

    3. Wall Anchor & Screw Position Information

    Select the following that makes sense for your situation.

    Masonry, Brick, & Concrete Siding

    If a previous wall anchor is installed, in some cases it is possible to reuse the old anchor. 

    If no previous anchor is noticeable or reusable, make a visible mark using a marker on the mortar or concrete near the center of the downspout’s horizontal access. 

    Note: if a previous anchor was installed and created a large unusable hole in the mortar you will need to create a new anchor point either above or below the previously installed anchor.

    Wood, Fiber Cement, Vinyl, Particle Board, & Composite Siding

    If previously installed strap mounting points are visible make a mark 1 inch directly above or below the previous mounting point. This will be our new anchor location. 

    Please skip steps 4 and 5 and continue with step 6.

    4. Drilling New Anchor Points (Masonry, Brick, & Concrete Siding ONLY)

    Using the ¼” hex masonry drill bit included in this kit and a powered drill or impact driver (not included) drill a hole in your marked anchor point location. 

    Note: The drilled hole should be placed in the center of the downspouts horizontal axis through the mortar and not directly into the brick or cinder blocks. 

    5. Installing The Wall Anchor (Masonry, Brick, & Concrete Siding ONLY)

    Insert a ¼” wall anchor included in this kit into the ¼” hole created in the previous step. 

    If the anchor will not go in with hand pressure it is fine to lightly tap it in with a hammer.

    6. Installing A New Downspout Strap

    Place a 1 ½” zinc zip screw into the mounting hole located in the center of the downspout strap included in this kit

    Thread the screw through the strap until the screw head is touching the downspout strap.

    Place the screw against the ¼” wall anchor installed in step 5 OR mounting points from step 3 and fasten until snug using your power drill or impact driver (not included).

    Note:  While fastening straps to the wall it is important to hold the strap tight as in some cases the screw will snag the metal causing the strap to spin like a ceiling fan. Having a firm grip on the strap alleviates this issue.

    7. Fasten The Straps To The Downspout

    Slide your downspout around the downspout elbows or connecting pieces above the downspout location. 

    Note: To avoid water leaks all downspout pieces should be placed in an order where the piece above feeds inside the piece below.

    Once your downspout is held into place, carefully bend the installed downspout strap around your downspout. The tighter your fit the better. 

    Place a ½” color-specific zip screw into the face of the gutter through the overlapping strap. 

    Note: For esthetics try to keep the screw centered on the downspout horizontal axis.

    Installation Of The Bottom Strap

    1. Workflow

    It is not required for the entire downspout to be disassembled to replace the bottom downspout strap. It is recommended to leave the top strap installed and lightly push the bottom end of the downspout directly left or right throughout the bottom strap installation process.

    If you need to replace both the top and bottom straps it’s recommended to replace the top stra[ first and work top to bottom.

    2. Strap Location

    Bottom straps should be placed as low on the downspout vertical access as possible. Placing the bottom strap 2”- 8” from the bottom connecting piece is ideal.

    3. Strap Installation

    Repeat steps 3-7 in the “Installation Of The Top Strap” section of the installation guide.


    The Downspout Strap Repair Kit was designed by gutter professionals for homeowners. It’s the universal solution for DIY downspout repair. Making it easier than ever to complete this gutter home repair. An easy, do-it-yourself, home maintenance package designed to save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

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