How To Make Straps For 3″X4″ Downspouts

1. Cut a piece of gutter coil to a length of 45¼" using large tin snips 2. Adjust your table saw to a cut debth of 1¼" wide and cut your coil into strips 3. Once the full sheet of coil has been cut into strips, hold two strips together and fold them in half 4. Using...

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About The Gutter Guards We Offer

We offer two types of gutter covers, Small-Hole Self-Locking (preferred) and RX Drop-In (only if the customer has pine needles) Guards. Small-Hole Self-Locking Guards Small-Hole Self-Locking gutter guards are our preferred guard because they universally do a great job...

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What Is A Gutter Miter?

Miter by deffinition: "a joint made between two objects". Gutter miters are installed in every corner of the home where two gutter corner peices will connect. There are four main miter types. Inside Strip Miter, Outside Strip Miter, Inside Bay Miter, Outside Bay Miter...

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